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 Nick Tidnam


Nick’s teaching:


“I’ve always enjoyed encouraging emerging talent and my teaching has afforded me the opportunity to work with some diverse and inspirational people, who have also influenced my own paintings.”

Early life


As a small child, Nick quickly became a prolific sketcher who could also create objects out of any material he could get his hands on. He had an innate ability for artistic expression that quickly became his defining characteristic.


“Friends could come to my house and play with all my toys but I wouldn’t let them touch my precious drawing and painting kit – that was off limits!”


His talent did not go unnoticed either, with his secondary school Art Master Jim Riddock taking a personal interest in Nick’s development both creatively and professionally.


Formal training


He encouraged Nick to study at the prestigious Camberwell School of Art, focusing on the more commercial area of Graphic Design over fine art. However, Nick continued to develop his passion for painting. His two year Intermediate course was followed by a two year National Diploma in Design (NDD). His studies encompassed every aspect of this exciting field – from stone carving and clay modelling to the fundamentals of graphic design and illustration (printmaking, etching, lino cut and lithography).


While still a student, Nick was one of only three colleagues to be published in a ‘Museum Drawings’ article for ‘Motif 5’ (Autumn 1960). His work was put forward by tutor Michael Rothenstein RA, an expert in mixed media printmaking and a major influence on the budding artist.


First publication and teaching


Nick was also honoured to have one of his illustrations appear in a student exhibition for The Folio Society, an esteemed London publisher of fine books. “This was a pivotal moment for me, as it led to my first commission and the start of a long and rewarding freelance career both as an illustrator and a designer.”


His success as a student also led to Nick’s first teaching post at a secondary school. He has continued to teach ever since, leading classes at the renowned University for the Creative Arts (UCA) and running private courses.