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 Nick Tidnam

All about Nick

Nick’s inspirations:


“I’m still interested in surprises, from entering a dark space and finding the light within to capturing the constantly moving shapes and colours of a bustling Indian market.”


Nick’s main passion has always remained in sketching and painting; constantly exploring new avenues and methods to create a unique body of work that has earned him international acclaim.


In 2001, he was elected to the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA).


“It was an incredible honour to be invited to join this historic society and become part of such a long tradition of British artistry that encompasses some of my favourite painters, from Whistler and Walter Sickert through to recent presidents Peter Greenham RA and Colin Hayes RA.”


Nick, a popular member of the London Sketch Club and The Savage Club, continues to paint full time and exhibit across the UK and around the world (most recently in Delhi, India).


He also contributes to successful art books such as the ‘Complete Art Foundation Course’ (Cassells).



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